Manuel Harmsen

Director, Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing (DICA)

Manuel Harmsen is Director of the Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing (DICA) in The Netherlands. DICA provides nationwide insight into the quality of care with reliable comparisons and analysis through 24 quality registries. At DICA we work together with doctors, patients and health insurers. In this way we make healthcare better. For everyone. Together we make care count. The organisation of DICA consists of 36 employees and a dedicated network of 200 health care professionals.

Manuel has a background in Engineering, Policy and Management and has been involved in the area of quality of health for 10 years from different perspectives and organisations. He previously worked with the Swedish e-Health agency (eHälsomyndigheten) on international collaboration, with the Dutch implant registry by assignment of the Dutch Ministry of Health and with the Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation. Manuel is knowledgeable about the technical and organisational aspects of implementing quality measurements on an (inter)national scale.