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Luty 2021

Webinar HIMSS Patient Experience Digital Series | Episode 4: Fostering Meaningful Communication Among Patients & Caregivers

11 lutego

Relationship-centered communication skills are essential to maintaining patient-provider satisfaction, engagement and confidence. Effective communication impacts patient safety, provider liability, quality and enhances patient experiences. Topics to be discussed will cover: Fostering meaningful patient-provider communications for everyone, everywhere Providing education and resources to family and caregivers of patients to support recovery Effectively communicating through virtual mediums in the absence of face-to-face live interactions

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Marzec 2021

Webinar HIMSS Patient Experience Digital Series Episode 5: Identifying Bias and Social Determinants to Improve Patient Care

11 marca

Clinicians alone cannot eliminate the negative impact social determinants of health inflicts upon so many communities—but they can tailor care plans to best meet a patient’s specific health needs. The fifth episode of the HIMSS Patient Experience Digital Series will discuss ways to understand bias and prevent it from negatively impacting quality of care, and other key things to be aware of while addressing social determinants of health—including physical, psychological and emotional factors.

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Kwiecień 2021

Webinar HIMSS Patient Experience Digital Series Episode 6: How Behavioral Economics and Digital Tools are Shaping the Future of Patient Experience

8 kwietnia

Topics will cover: How providers and patients can pinpoint the subconscious incentives and disincentives that influence actions around engagement and consistent care ownership How ease and accessibility impacts personal behavior What realistic actions we can implement into our regular healthcare routines to set ourselves and our patients up for success

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E-kongres Top Medical Trends 2021

19 kwietnia - 29 kwietnia
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Czerwiec 2021

9. Ogólnopolski kongres starzenia pacjent 65+ w codziennej praktyce lekarskiej

8 czerwca - 11 czerwca
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Digital Health Connection 9th edition

11 czerwca @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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