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Listopad 2020

Health Innovation – the European Health Data Space and Real-World Evidence

10 listopada @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The COVID-9 pandemic shows that real-world evidence generation has become even more crucial as data collected in medical practice would not only inform health systems and their resources, but also inform the development of medicines for the benefit of patients. The EU’s data strategy and proposed creation of a European Health Data Space offer the opportunity to harness the potential of real-world data through cross border collaboration with a view to enabling sustainable and early patient access to innovative technologies.…

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High-Level Conference „Digital Health 2020 – EU on the Move”

11 listopada @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The High-Level Conference "Digital Health 2020 – EU on the Move" aims to advance a topic that is central to shaping our future: ensuring the science-based, legally sound and values-based use of big data and artificial intelligence as a foundation for providing healthcare to the European citizens. As an economic, scientific and values-based community, the European Union advocates a sensitive and patient-oriented use of health data. The handling of health data in the context of pandemic incidents is also to…

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Meeting of the European eHealth Network

12 listopada - 13 listopada

The objectives of the eHealth network according to Article 14 of the EU Patient Mobility Directive is to work towards delivering sustainable economic and social benefits of European eHealth systems and services and interoperable applications, with a view to achieving a high level of trust and security, enhancing continuity of care and ensuring access to safe and high-quality healthcare. The eHealth Network is thus a central platform for cooperation on digital health at EU level, contributing to the European health…

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Konferencja Forum e-Zdrowia: Cyfrowa transformacja w obszarze zdrowia

17 listopada @ 1:00 pm - 19 listopada @ 6:30 pm

Celem Konferencji jest przedstawienie oraz przedyskutowanie głównych aspektów, strategicznych wyzwań i kluczowych działań dotyczących cyfrowej transformacji obszaru zdrowia, w szczególności kwestii obejmujących: - główne trendy i uwarunkowania cyfrowej transformacji w sytuacji przełomu - szanse i wyzwania dla cyfrowego zdrowia w Polsce i w Europie, współdziałanie (interoperacyjność) pomiędzy podmiotami tworzącymi system zdrowia, - zapewnienie ciągłości opieki zdrowotnej, - dokonania i sukcesy w e-zdrowiu w Polsce i Europie. W czasie konferencji zostaną przedstawione doświadczenia i rozwiązania w obszarze e-zdrowia (digital health) stosowane…

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Doctors going digital: How to future-proof skills

20 listopada

What digital skills and abilities does the physician need in light of the increasing prevalence of telemedicine apps or the use of artificial intelligence in medicine? To tie in with Germany’s presidency of the Council of the European Union, the physicians’ organisations that comprise the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) and the German Medical Association, along with an audience of experts, would like to address the question of what digital skills the physician must have in order to be…

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Digital Health: NOW! Acting jointly for digitised and value-basen healthcare in the EU

23 listopada

Demographic development, structural factors, personnel shortage: The healthcare system in the EU faces major challenges. At the same time, the digitisation of society changes citizens’ expectations of modern care creating new opportunities for a healthcare system that is interconnected and digitally supported. The handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important it is to ensure a rapid transition to shared health care systems. Alternatives for face-to-face diagnoses and therapies had to be developed quickly. Many solutions have made it…

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Digital fundamental rights in the EU: a digital code of ethics for a new era

25 listopada

The event addresses the issue of the ethical, legal and social framework conditions for the use of health data. In view of the ongoing digital transformation in the health care system, a clear European idea is needed with regard to the conditions under which health data can be used for research purposes and to control and supervise the management of health care. To deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are digital data collection and evaluation methods available that concern ethical…

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