Angela Irony

Chief Nursing and Medical Centers Officer, Maccabi HealthCare Services (Israel)

Angela Irony, PhD, MPH, RN is one of the health strategy leaders at Maccabi HealthCare Services, the fastest growing HMO in Israel.

Her ambition for novelty in healthcare led her to the telehealth field. Since 2012 she co-founded 7 online services among them the tele-health chronic center, a pediatric call-center and “my pediatrician” App awarded as the annual product winner. Thus, Angela is one of the contributors to the digitalization of the HMO.

Currently, she is the Chief Nursing and Medical Centers Officer at Maccabi. At this position she leads 2 significant strategic programs: a tailor-made integrative care plan for complex patients and home hospitalization program.

Angela is an associate researcher in several projects. Her PhD thesis examined the change in DM Self-Efficacy of diabetic patients treated through telehealth center compared to Standard Care. Angela is a requested lecturer in universities and colleges. She represent Maccabi’s activity which accords to the international healthcare agenda in international conferences and forums.