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e-Health Forum 2020 sessions

17 November 2020
Digital health in new era

Opening of e-Health Forum 2020

Key aspects of the breakthrough and their consequences

Digital health as one of the EU priorities

e-Health directions for Poland

e-Health solutions for covid. Best practices and examples of implementations

18 November 2020
Patient in the center of digital health

Patient in the center of digital health

Patient experience as a key driver of digital health

Public Health: from reactivity to prevention

Virtualization of primary care

Advantages of Telecare

Digital solutions for mental health

19 November 2020
Platforms and technologies in digital health

Key aspects of platforms and technologies in digital health

Commodization of decision support (AI) and big data

Commodization of medical devices

Digital Therapeutics

Effective ecosystem for digital health development

Polish and global achievements – case studies / lessons learnt

Summary session

Presentations of the e-Health Forum Partners
Inspirations, examples of implementations, new technologies

18 November 2020

Telemedicine wristbands in hospitals during and after the epidemic

Children’s hospitals of the future – 7 areas of transformation

Telemedicine challenge – Telemedical Working Group

e-Health – directions for building a long-term strategy

Digitalisation in prevention, diagnostics and motoring cardiological patients

The story of one chatbot

Hospital activity monitoring in times of COVID-19

Advanced clinical consultations in the Covid-19 era – examples of implementations

Patients Reported Outcomes Measurement in Population Health Management– Philips experience

19 November 2020

Digital healthcare for Pandemic Crisis Management – Finnish expertise

Data as a key component of innovations health systems in Europe

e-Mental health in the times of pandemic

Healthy Company – How e-solutions support employees’ health

Archimedis – HIE services

Impact of modern IT tools on the appropriate operation of a healthcare entity during a pandemic

Examples of implementations and solutions supporting patient care in a hospital environment in the fight against Covid 19

Microsoft Cloud capabilities for health sector

Case study – migration of the first hospital to a full Oracle Cloud infrastructure

Comments and greetings

Marcin Gruchała – Rector, Medical University of Gdańsk

Adam Niedzielski, Health Minister

Beata Małecka-Libera, Chairwoman of the Health Committee, Senate of Poland

Agnieszka Kapała-Sokalska, Board Member, Pomorskie Voivodeship

Andrzej Mądrala, Vice President, Employers of Poland

Tadeusz Jędrzejczyk, Director of Health Department, Pomorskie Voivodeship

Maciej Piróg, CEO of “Budzik” Clinic

Wiktor Rynowiecki, Architecture and Services Division Director, e-Health Center

Krzysztof Napora, Analysis of information systems expert, e-Health Center

Mariusz Feszler, Deputy Director of Information Society Department, Podlaskie Voivodeship

Ryszard Olszanowski, President of Polish Medicine Chamber of Commerce

Marcin Węgrzyniak, Healthcare expert

Bartłomiej Wnuk, Informatization of healthcare expert, former director of Center for Healthcare  Information Systems (CSIOZ)

Dobrawa Biadun, Healthcare expert

Piotr Sitkowski, IT Division, Diagnostyka

Aleksander Sowa, Director of product development, Roche Polska

Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, President of Nestmedic

Andrzej Zapaśnik, President of BaltiMed Clinic