Jakub Sierakowski

Member of the Board, UseCrypt

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology in the field of Computer Science, specialization in Computer Engineering. In the years 2006 – 2010 he was responsible for designing and creating IT systems supporting the activities of Public Institutions, which significantly influenced the understanding of the specifics and processes of the Public Sector. From 2010, Head of implementation projects for large Electronic Document Flow systems in State Treasury companies subordinate to the Minister of National Defense. He participated in the design of the Integrated IT System implemented for the purposes of data storage and processing of the Polish Army. Enthusiast of LEAN Management and process optimization.

Since 2015, he has been associated with the cybersecurity sector and the UseCrypt S.A. company, where as a Member of the Board he is responsible for the development of the UseCrypt Safe application, a desktop application for secure storage and data transfer and UseCrypt Messenger, an encrypted messenger for mobile devices.