Workshop, 18/09/2019 (Wednesday), 14:00 - 18:00. Language: English

Principles of the use of data and AI in healthcare


In this workshop the principles and strategy on the use of data and AI in healthcare will be presented. During this workshop you will learn:

  • about identifying the needs for AI driven data solutions in healthcare and beyond,
  • how to design a data science project within the context of health, medicine and life-sciences,
  • how to develop a successful strategy for the implementation of AI solutions in daily practice.
Agenda and learning objectives
  • how to perform mapping of healthcare organisations: people, processes and infrastructure,
  • how to formulate strategies to elicit and identify needs from patients, healthcare professionals across organizations and settings,
  • understood methodologies to translate needs into design scenarios for AI driven data solutions,
  • how to perform a data science project with use of existing data and collection of new data,
  • how to implement AI solutions in daily practice and create a process for continuous improvement.
Workshop trainer